I am back!!!

Excuse the excessive amount of exclamation points I just needed to stress the fact that I am very excited to be back!!!

   I have abandon this blog for a while and now it seems as if I should revamp, or, as other say bring it back from the dead? If that is something people commonly say… at all. Dear god I am starting off on the wrong foot. Okay, *sighs* lets me start over again.
   Hello everyone it is Ashley here and I have decided to start my blog back up again, I felt as if I needed a new name, well, a new start. Let me start from the beginning, I was a senior in high school and just graduated! (I know how exciting…so happy I don't have to go back to that hell hole again) The feeling of graduating made me feel as if I have concord the world but then there was this feeling of fear. Fear of actually becoming an adult having to leave the nest and start my real life of my own. The fear of going off to college where there is no parent to tell you right from wrong or protect you from the monsters that are constantly peeping around the corner.

   Then you have pure excitement and curiosity about what it will truly be like as an adult. It feels as if I am starting a brand new chapter in my life that contains all emotions to be discover. What I am trying to say is that I want blog these monumental times, I want to share that I am going through the same emotions as other people in my situation and they are not alone. I will also be doing a lot of other fun things, like displaying my photography (which is the love of my life), trips that I adventure on, tutorials, life hacks, advice, my YouTube channel and etc.
    I hope you guys have fun being on here and maybe this can be your safe haven?
    Well I must go now and start my adventure, have a wonderful day!


-P.s Ashley