Fall Fashion Looks

Hello my beautiful blog readers!

Recently I have gotten into Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE it, it lets me get creative in style. I thought that I should do a series of my top favorite things form each boarder, maybe you guys will enjoy this as much as I do. Let's start with my most popular board…Fashion (:

Now since it is fall time I wanted to show you some of my favorite fall looks but please do remember I do live in Florida.

These looks are always my favorite year round but this fall I am just adoring it more because they are preppy but girly and has a pop of color which can be over looked in fall.

I don't know about you but I am a fan of a good stripe shirt in the fall time it is just so versatile. In both of these looks you can jazz it up with a edgy boot and a pair of skinnies or bad-ass leather jacket with a skirt that gives it a soft but edgy girly look I love.

Both looks are total opposites but if you look closely they have dark tone colors which is always a yes in fall. On the left you can see that it is more of a rough look with dark colors which I think is popular this fall especially if you pair it with a plum lip for an edgy look. The look on the right is just so girly but comfortable, I am not a fan of dresses but if you slap on leggings underneath following with a comfy sweater...I AM YOURS!    

The casual, comfortable but stylish look, I just adore a good sweater, a scarf and, a cute watch that is what you will see me wearing majority of fall. Can someone direct me to the right place to find a fur scarf like that please!   

Hats, hats, hats, and more hats! Hands down I LOVE these looks it's just that I am very new at trying these styles. The look on the left is a double yes for me...can you tell I just favor big sweaters and a pair of skinnies plus leather boots! And for the look on the right is perfection, a simple but yet stylish t-shirt and a cute long flared skirt, also look at those shoes. YES!

Tell me which look you loved the most and make sure to follow me on Pintrest!

-P.s Ashley


Hello my lovely blog readers!

 Yes I know it has been two weeks since I have posted anything because I have been working and I never have time anymore. Besides my reason of absence, I have great news!
  1. I have reached 100 followers on Bloglovin!
  2. I painted my nails for the first time in a LONG time
  3. I want to start getting into fashion and beauty
Can you sense my excitement? Well I will be preparing for my trip to California maybe I will put up some of the thing as I plan into a blog post or a video on my youtube channel. I took a break long enough and I am happy to be back!

-P.s Ashley



Ever since my hiking trip in Ohio and my first experience at a cool spring, I have been more open minded to traveling to unpopular locations and doing things that I usually would never do. Whenever I thought of the words traveling and adventure…I would always associate it with the most popular places in the world (California, New York, London, etc.) and then you think about how much money it would be to even go. I never thought about traveling or going on an adventure within my limits until now. You don't have to go to these popular places to satisfy your hunger for an adventure or traveling, find places that are within your reach. That is what I did, my friends and I were bored one day however I was not going to let boredom take away a beautiful day. We collectively (somewhat) agreed to go to Celebration,FL which was designed for Disney World.


-P.s Ashley

Rainbow Springs

On a hot summer day in Florida I was invited to Rainbow Springs with a couple of friends. I honestly did not know what to expect but I knew I was in for a treat.

    When we arrived to the spot of the spring there were an abundance of people jumping in, relaxing and swimming in the water. All that stuck out to me was how beautiful the water was. There it was the crystal clear blue water, it reminded me of when I went to Key West for a weekend. And let me tell you, the water was NOT warm but that is what springs are known for to be cool or even hot. It was the perfect combination; cool water spring and severely hot Florida heat. I was set on sitting on the platform letting my feet sense the cool water however that wasn't good enough for my friends. They all try to convince me to dive into the water but I didn't know how to swim besides the spring was way too deep for me. Instead I stole most of their noodle floaties and floated around the spring appreciating the cool water, it stood to be a delightful time.

    After cooling off in the spring, we as in my friends and I ventured off to see the abandon zoo that was allegedly located at the spring. It had a majestic feel to it, you can almost feel the presence of the animals being there. In some way I was nearly bothered by how it made me feel, as if there was a hidden story that no one knew about. Almost like it was hunted, the location would make a cool scary movie. Along with the abandon zoo there were stunning water falls, I was excited to see one and there were plenty.

I hope you liked my mini adventure to Rainbow Springs as much as I did. Please make sure to comment below and answer this question: 

Tell me what your first time doing something new that ended up being fun or… not so much fun.

-P.s Ashley