A hopeless romantic

Well hello beautiful reader, it's been a while!
I really need to start scheduling when I will be posting and sticking to it…ha I wish.
Today I was in my room and, I started to question myself, what I want to do, what degree I am trying to pursue, what career is right for me and in the end will I be happy? It overwhelmed me so much to the point that I felt like I was having an anxiety attack, I didn't know what to do. So I went to my good ol' pal google, I typed in "I don't know what to do with my life," because honestly it's the truth. I.do.not.know. As I waited for the search to load I found one that caught my attention 7 strange questions that help you find your life purpose
, I read this article and it made me think A LOT. I am not going to tell you what the questions are because that is for you to find out, but what really got me is that it questions your vulnerability. What are you willing to do that will embarrass you but won't bother you? What makes you forget everything and puts you at ease? I will give you that answer…writing. Writing has always been here for me to just distress and forget reality for just a minute, but I know that I suck at it but I don't care. Part of the reason I am going to college IS to be a better writer because I love it so much.

This article actually opened my eyes to not be afraid to do something that you love even if you suck at it. Like my romance novel that I started to write, I don't think it that great but I don't care because it is for my enjoyment and maybe someday you will enjoy it too. I am a sucker for a good romance novel and I feel as if they are all the same but I want to change that. But a question keeps on popping up in my head "you have never been in love," and it is true, which makes me think about how am I going to make this book when I have not experience love myself? I don't feel that I should stop writing this novel or book just because of that one question but it does make me think.
I have a question for you, do you think someone should be writing about something they have never experience themselves? Does it depend on the situation?