Fall Fashion Looks

Hello my beautiful blog readers!

Recently I have gotten into Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE it, it lets me get creative in style. I thought that I should do a series of my top favorite things form each boarder, maybe you guys will enjoy this as much as I do. Let's start with my most popular board…Fashion (:

Now since it is fall time I wanted to show you some of my favorite fall looks but please do remember I do live in Florida.

These looks are always my favorite year round but this fall I am just adoring it more because they are preppy but girly and has a pop of color which can be over looked in fall.

I don't know about you but I am a fan of a good stripe shirt in the fall time it is just so versatile. In both of these looks you can jazz it up with a edgy boot and a pair of skinnies or bad-ass leather jacket with a skirt that gives it a soft but edgy girly look I love.

Both looks are total opposites but if you look closely they have dark tone colors which is always a yes in fall. On the left you can see that it is more of a rough look with dark colors which I think is popular this fall especially if you pair it with a plum lip for an edgy look. The look on the right is just so girly but comfortable, I am not a fan of dresses but if you slap on leggings underneath following with a comfy sweater...I AM YOURS!    

The casual, comfortable but stylish look, I just adore a good sweater, a scarf and, a cute watch that is what you will see me wearing majority of fall. Can someone direct me to the right place to find a fur scarf like that please!   

Hats, hats, hats, and more hats! Hands down I LOVE these looks it's just that I am very new at trying these styles. The look on the left is a double yes for me...can you tell I just favor big sweaters and a pair of skinnies plus leather boots! And for the look on the right is perfection, a simple but yet stylish t-shirt and a cute long flared skirt, also look at those shoes. YES!

Tell me which look you loved the most and make sure to follow me on Pintrest!

-P.s Ashley