Rainbow Springs

On a hot summer day in Florida I was invited to Rainbow Springs with a couple of friends. I honestly did not know what to expect but I knew I was in for a treat.

    When we arrived to the spot of the spring there were an abundance of people jumping in, relaxing and swimming in the water. All that stuck out to me was how beautiful the water was. There it was the crystal clear blue water, it reminded me of when I went to Key West for a weekend. And let me tell you, the water was NOT warm but that is what springs are known for to be cool or even hot. It was the perfect combination; cool water spring and severely hot Florida heat. I was set on sitting on the platform letting my feet sense the cool water however that wasn't good enough for my friends. They all try to convince me to dive into the water but I didn't know how to swim besides the spring was way too deep for me. Instead I stole most of their noodle floaties and floated around the spring appreciating the cool water, it stood to be a delightful time.

    After cooling off in the spring, we as in my friends and I ventured off to see the abandon zoo that was allegedly located at the spring. It had a majestic feel to it, you can almost feel the presence of the animals being there. In some way I was nearly bothered by how it made me feel, as if there was a hidden story that no one knew about. Almost like it was hunted, the location would make a cool scary movie. Along with the abandon zoo there were stunning water falls, I was excited to see one and there were plenty.

I hope you liked my mini adventure to Rainbow Springs as much as I did. Please make sure to comment below and answer this question: 

Tell me what your first time doing something new that ended up being fun or… not so much fun.

-P.s Ashley