A BIG move

As I sit on my couch of 3 years watching some YouTube videos and drinking a cup of coffee…yes it is 8 pm but as someone once wise said "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" but in my case it's 9 o'clock somewhere.

Any way I started to wonder about my move to California, which a lot of people tell me I am crazy because California is expensive but who cares what they think I want to live my life. So I went to google and typed in "apartments in LA" to imagine myself moving in, buying the perfect couch for my living room or going to target to find bathroom towels for when I have guest over . Now I really don't care to particularly live in LA, but I want to be by the beach in a cool hip town with plenty of coffee shops and places to shop that also has a farmers market every Sunday. Also I want to have dinner parties where my friends would come over and eat my latest creation talking about our big trip to Europe. Meanwhile I will wake up in the morning make a perfect cup of coffee and take a walk to the beach to sit down in the sand and watch the sunrise. Pretty much I dream of this so much that I practically can tell you my life in full detail without even living it. But for now I have to prepare for my big move and just live for now in the hopes I will make it out to my dream land.

Well my taste buds are craving something sweet and I am watching "Sleepless in Seattle", which is my first time seeing it and now wondering where has this movie been all my life. I am going to finish this movie and kill my craving, so why don't you go and do something crazy as I am doing with my time.

My question to you is: how do you imagine your 'perfect' life?

P.s Ashley