Young's Ice cream & Country Roads


I have been vacationing in Ohio for almost 3 weeks now and whenever I return home to see my family we have this tradition…we go to Young’s. Most of you are like what? Young’s is a dairy farm where they make their own ice cream and who does not love homemade ice cream? Well my family does and that is why it is a tradition.

I wish I could have capture more photos inside but it was so busy (because it is summer time) and they were rushing me to pay for my ice cream. My ultimate flavor of ice cream is (in this order) coffee-chocolate-coffee, now this is what I get every time I go to Young’s and it never fails me. Now, my family always says that I should try new flavors but why take such a HUGE risk on something that will disappoint me when I have created perfection to my taste buds! We all love this place ever since I was able to walk we always visit Young’s as a little treat plus a great get away. Oh the memories!
After our short trip to Young’s, I decided that I wanted to stop and take some photos because along the country roads of Ohio was beautiful scenery. My family and I were all up for it so we went the long way back home.

One of the coolest moments was seeing a deer! We were honestly lucky to have seen one while we were driving on the country roads.
 This little guy down here was not happy about me taking pictures of him and his friends.
↑There he is up close just staring at me. 

↑This guy was all by himself which made a great photo.

-P.s Ashley