Laptops and Coffee

   I must make a confession, I have drank two cups of coffee and yes I prefer my creamer with my coffee. No I do not feel ashamed about it, well if I had to confess to you then yes I do feel ashamed. Now as I am sitting crossed legged with my laptop propped up on my lap and sipping away with my second cup of coffee at 8 o'clock at night, I tend to ponder into the world of sophistication.

   Why does it seem so important to have a cup of Joe and your laptop right at the tip of your fingers? Maybe it just adds a little bit of a cool factor to your persona, or a sense of 'I am too busy with my cool life to be bothered by you' or it shows that you are a highly intelligent human, too intelligent that people at an average level will never understand your thoughts. I am probably looking way too deep into this whole persona, but the thought of it can be glamorized to the point where you are wanting to go into a coffee shop with a laptop by your side to fit in.

   I personally like the whole idea, look at it this way you get a relaxing atmosphere plus amazing coffee (depending on where you go) and you get to make great friends that have the same interest as you. What could possibly be better?

-P.s Ashley