Dear Me,

For a while now I've had this feeling about myself that I could not understand. I would always find myself feeling so negative and doubtful, I never could pinpoint what was wrong. Until I did some real deep searching and figured it out, I am not happy with myself. Happiness is so essential to life because if you don't have it…then you cannot be truly satisfied with yourself and even for others. So, I am going to find my self-happiness to start it off I wrote a letter to myself, this letter is for my own encouragement. I will be adding more to the letter but this is the first step. The reason I am putting this up for you to see because maybe you are struggling yourself and need some where to start?

"Dear Me,

 I hope you find what you are looking for. I hope that one day when you look into the mirror, and see the girl that is staring back at you is smiling. I hope your smile is so infectious that it lights up the entire universe. One day you will love every inch of yourself to the point of oblivion. I hope you look back, but when you look back you know you were in a dark place and that place wasn't where you belong. I hope you make all your dreams come true. I hope that you will look at yourself as a warrior, you survived the storm. But when those dark days come to surface, you will be able fight through the fire. May your days be spent with the people who love you and may you laugh with those who understand you. May your heart open up for the world to see and never shy away from it. Live your life. Travel the world, discover the unknown, get inspired by the world and fall in love with it. Oh and love? You will find it, he will be waiting patiently for you he will be what you need and oh so more. You will fall in love so hard that there is no way out and boy, he will feel like the luckiest man in the world. That man will love you the way he should and trust me he will love you so wholesomely, passionately, gently. He will understand you and know your ugliest secrets but still love every inch of you. It may scare you at first but he will show you the way. I know one day you will be happy. I just can't wait to join you. Dear me I will see you some day.

-P.s Ashley "